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On Sunday, Daniel Andrews announced that it will be compulsory to have your face covered when leaving home as of 11:59pm Wednesday July 22nd. The only reason to not wear a mask or face covering is if you have a medical condition, kids under 12, if you have a professional reason, or it is not practical (like whilst running).

Hence, you will be expected to wear a mask when you are inside our clinic. Our team has been sporting their masks for a few weeks now. Following the latest government recommendations we will be wearing type 1 disposable surgical masks, but you can make your own mask to help prevent waste.

Lockdown II

Well.. here we are! Lockdown the Sequel.

Although it is frustrating, it is a necessary step for Victoria to help stop the spread.

We have been posting a lot about the measures we’ve taken in the clinic to ensure your safety and the safety of our team (click here to see our previous communication and click here to see our Facebook updates). But today, we would like to talk to you about something different.

We understand how lockdown can affect your mental and physical health and we are here to help. Not only can we help you with the aches and pains of working from home and not being able to go to the gym… we have also come up with a list of activities that some of us have been doing at home to keep busy and thought we’d share it. The list was originally devised by our team, to help each other keep our minds sharp and bodies moving whilst stuck at home and we’re quite proud of our ideas.

  • Bake something new
  • Learn a language
  • Get a sudoku or puzzle book
  • Sewing – knitting – cross stitch
  • Painting
  • Have a push-up or planking competition with your friends/family
  • Colour in
  • Clean out the garage
  • Reorganize your kitchen shelves
  • Online yoga classes
  • Play board games with friends online
  • Meditate
  • Play an instrument
  • Pack a box to take to Salvo’s when they start accepting donations again
  • Listen to music
  • Plant some herbs/vegetables to grow yourself
Food Waste Recycling Update for Kingston

Hooray! Food waste bins have finally arrived for those living in Kingston.

Our Director, Mandy, is extremely passionate about recycling and reducing the footprint we leave on the earth, she was very excited to receive her bin. It sits next to the succulents right in the kitchen for easy reach.

You can pop all your food scraps into your small caddy and then pop it all straight into your green bin. This includes things like paper towel, meat scraps and bones, and onions and garlic – All things that cannot go into a standard worm farm. So this is very exciting news for everyone and for our environment.

Click here to find out more about what can and cannot go in your caddy.

Recipe Corner

Need a recipe to keep you occupied whilst social distancing. Try these yummy bliss balls. Get that comfort food feeling without processed sugar.And the balls can be separated by 1.5m to keep them safe!

Click HERE to get the recipe from Weight Watchers

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