The Only Spot You Need to Know for Summer

It is peak summer in Melbourne, where you wake up to a balmy 20 degrees most mornings. By 11am, you’re down at the same stretch of sand and sea that you have loyally visited since you were a kid. Often, you’ve thought about switching things up – well, we’ve scouted the only beach you need to know about.

With the mercury climbing to a subtle 35 degrees, it is time to let the cooling waves at Mentone beach swirl around you, wading, basking in the reflection of the sun on the surface of the water. Even though the sound of waves breaking seems relaxing, by noon, you’re already getting exhausted from your day in the sun.

Luckily for you, just up the road from Mentone beach, a rejuvenating juice and smoothie bar awaits to give your day the energy kick it so obviously needs. The energy boost to keep you out in the sun hour after hour. YOGI is Mentone’s classic summer refresher – a juice bar that also serves up delicious smoothies, açai bowls, and other healthy goodies. It’s a great place for a fruity breakfast, afternoon tea and delicious snacks on the go. And last but not least, those iconic smoothies that keep customers coming back like boomerangs.

The creative minds behind YOGI have created inventive recipes and flavour combos for everybody to enjoy, not just the gym junkies of our society. Their energy-boosting supplements are not just for your workout but are there to help you to power through your day, the Mentone way.

Instead of refilling on greasy fish and chips after an exhausting morning in the surf, try swap the grease with healthy açai bowls, salads and reinvigorating smoothies. These foods are guaranteed to nourish your body and soul, leaving it thanking you.

As an independently-run business, YOGI is exclusive to Mentone, so not only will you be practising some self-care, but also supporting your local community. I don’t know about you, but a healthy, delicious day at the beach sounds pretty perfect for a summer’s day. Hanging out with your friends, or flying solo, feeling healthy and energised is the Australian dream, and you can live it right here in your backyard.

So, what are you waiting for? Start making those message groups with your friends and begin planning the perfect day down by the beach.

Mentone Traders' Association