Shining A Light On Safety

Safety. The lack of it is making headline news around the globe. From the #MeToo hashtag to anti-chemical warfare protests and campaigns, #safety is constantly in the spotlight. It is something we as a society are very sensitive towards, becoming increasingly hyper-alert when we’re in public spaces but also, in our homes. There was a time when locking doors was an unheard-of practice, but now it’s common place.

This begs the question: How can we make our communities safer and ensure they feel #secure?

 If we think about the dark alleyway trope, what is it that people are afraid of? The long, narrow, confined space, the darkness, the uncertainty, the lack of visibility, the isolation… well, the solution is simple.

Proliferate the street lamps!

Generally, we can tell a main road from a side street by the amount of street lights highlighting the road and its buildings. As humans are intrinsically programmed to be attracted to light over darkness. This is thanks to not only our natural body clock, but also our predisposition of good equating to light and bad being associated with darkness. I’m not saying we magnetise to lights just as mosquitos do, but we definitely feel more comfortable and safer in a highly lit area.

To drive foot traffic to retailers or restaurants during non-daylight hours, it is lights that make all the difference. Lights are inviting and warm, ushering feelings of comfort. With more people visiting an area, the more demand there is for retail and hospitality – meaning increased profit for business owners. A busy area is often highly sought after, attracting new businesses to establish themselves in this area. Local residents can’t resist the lure of a new selection of restaurants and other retail spaces in their neighbourhood. And all this thanks to lights?

 Well, then let there be light. 

Mentone Traders' Association