Get #schooled in Mentone

If you live in Mentone…

There certainly isn’t a shortage of schooling options. Whether it’s that first day of primary school or you’re keen for a more privatised form of education, this suburb has you spoilt for choice. Within Mentone alone, there are eight different options—and if you include the schools up to five kilometres away, there are thirty! Whether you’re looking to start a new schooling journey in Mentone or are just having a window shop, read on to discover some of the scholastic highlights that the suburb has to offer.

Schools with ‘Mentone’ in the title

Let’s cut to the chase—when you think of schools in Mentone, you probably immediately think of Mentone Grammar and Mentone Girls’ Grammar School. And this is a great place to start, as these independent Anglican schools cater for children from Foundation (Prep) to Year 12—the latter even has kindergarten and an Early Learning Centre (for girls aged 3-4) covered. If you’re a firm believer in co-educational schooling, Mentone Grammar could be your school. For an all-female educational experience, give Mentone Girls’ a crack!

Want a different angle from Anglican?

‘At the very heart of each Catholic school is a desire for the full flourishing of each student, across religious, physical, cognitive, emotional and social domains,’ quotes Kilbreda College, Mentone’s all-girls’ Catholic secondary school. Founded in 1904, Kilbreda is a solid option for girls who prefer a Catholic education. For the lads, there’s St Bede’s College, which was founded in 1938 and is currently host to over 1,500 students. If you’re after an even earlier Catholic education, be sure to check out St Patrick’s Parish Primary School, which boasts an impressive array of extracurricular activities as well as support and intervention programs.

Want a less religious angle altogether?

Never fear! Mentone Girls’ Secondary College, an (obviously) all-girls’ school without those private or independent school fees, is Mentone’s answer to the religiously-neutral government-funded school. As for primary schools, take your pick: Mentone Primary School or Mentone Park Primary School (or, if we were to venture slightly further afield into Parkdale, we’d also find Parktone Primary School—a school that, though not strictly located in Mentone, still pays tribute to the suburb by combining its name with Parkdale’s). Mentone Primary School boasts over 400 students and values ‘respect, honesty, friendliness, caring and teamwork’. Mentone Park values similar (TIER=teamwork, integrity, excellence and respect) and runs programs such as the Healthy Lifestyle Choices program and the Bully Prevention and Values Program.

Further secondary options…

Though Mentone has limited public secondary schools that are coeducational, there are a fair few right next-door, within a maximum of five kilometres away. Why not check out what Parkdale Secondary College, Mordialloc College or Cheltenham Secondary College have to offer?

All-in-all, Mentone is an excellent place to attend school. It has a smorgasbord of high-quality options, especially for those who prefer single-gender education or education with a religious angle (be that Catholic or Anglican). For those who prefer a more standard government-school format, there is no shortage of options in neighbouring suburbs. Mentone is a highly affluent suburb that is strongly equipped to provide top-quality education to the next generation.

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