Are you Christmas ready?

December is here, and so is the Christmas hype. Some years you simply don’t have enough time to prepare everything – it happens. But let’s make this year different, shall we? It’s time to deck your home’s halls - early - in preparation for a jolly, stress-free Christmas!


The Christmas Countdown


Week 4 before - Logistics


No need to start sweating – at the beginning of December, take a minute to breathe and make a To-Do list comprised of your Christmas-related tasks. Itemising and preparing times to finalise these plans is a step toward being more proactive about completing them.

This is a good time to get your guest list sorted. Knowing how many people you are catering for will give you an idea of how many extra seats, tables and crockery you’ll require. Not only that, but it can provide you with insight into what the lunch/ dinner menu might look like. Without these figures, planning becomes a bit more challenging. There’s no shame in sending out invites early! In fact, it gives more people a chance to accept and share a wonderful Christmas with you.

Week 2 and 3 before – Hunting and Gathering Supplies

Following on from last week’s prep, this week is about transforming words into actions. Set aside a little bit of time each day to find specific items you need to furnish your home and the dining table in the Christmas spirit. Otherwise if it’s easier, plan a day or two to carry out a huge Christmas haul. This includes the tree, trinkets, baubles, extra crockery, renting/ borrowing tables and chairs etc. It is important to give yourself enough time over these couple of weeks, so you don’t crash and burn before the final day.

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The Week Before – Meal Prep and Final Touches 

Crank up your speaker and blast those Christmas tunes! Finish pinning up those last little decorations on your tree and get on to those grocery lists. The week before is crunch-time: being organised and practical is the way to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Early in the week is time to gather your food sources – head down to Scicluna’s for an extensive selection of fresh produce, artisanal sweets and treats, and a great selection of meats, poultry and dairy products too. They will have all your Christmas groceries covered – no matter how big or small your feast is.

Top Tip: Any food you can prepare ahead of Christmas Day is strongly encouraged. It will save you some grey hairs at the end. If there are sauces, soups or stews that can be cooked a couple of days in advance – don’t hesitate! Midnight baking is not feasible if you want to enjoy your Christmas the next day, so leave your baking to the day before – cakes, cookies and puddings are all just as delicious the day after.


Christmas Day

Hopefully your trays of food and bowls of salad are in the oven and the fridge respectively (we wouldn’t want to confuse the two – that would be a tad disastrous). Just those last few hours of persevering to ensure you and your guests have a delightful festive feast. When your guests arrive later, you will have peace of mind knowing that everything is organised and completed so you can share their company without worry.


Merry Christmas!