A Date with Your Pooch

Mentone is a great place to take your pals, and now it’s time to take your best friend - your dog!

Start your morning with a leisurely walk along the bay trail, beginning in Beaumaris and finishing in Mentone. The bay trail is a luscious walking track that takes you zig-zagging through the hidden coastline shrubbery, spotted with breathtaking viewpoints. If you start where Beach Road meets Cromer Road in Beaumaris, it’s less than a 10-minute walk to the nearest dog beach, which will get your dog-pal’s tail wagging uncontrollably. 

Speaking of said dog beach, this pot of gold at the end of the trail is open 24/7 to all creatures of four (sometimes three) legs, keeping man’s best friend entertained for hours! Take the lead off your pooch and see them run head up, ears back, into the ocean, exploring the exciting smells of the nearby rocks, and meeting other doggy pals - and don’t forget to let them chase as many seagulls as their little heart desires! Don’t worry; you don’t need to chase seagulls with them. Instead, you can stroll lazily along behind them or go for a jog together by the water.

After you’ve tuckered poor pooch-y out, you can pop them back on the leash and take them towards Mentone. If you stay on the trail, you will come across many little parks to stop, rest, and throw a ball. After a busy morning at the beach, the park, and all the new smells (for your dog that is), it may be time to re-energise and grab a bite to eat.

Mentone and some surrounding suburbs have delicious cafes that welcome your furry friend as well. End your bayside walk at The Corner Store café, as it is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They offer a variety of fresh, tasty food options, catering to all dietary needs, even your dog’s! The Corner Store is located nearby Mentone’s retail strip a little further from the shoreline, but their delicious meals and refreshing drinks are worth the walk.

If you wanted to keep that trek going because you’re not ready to quit yet, a café closer to the bay is also dog-friendly. It is called Chain of Fools, and they have a quirky Indian-Western spin on all their dishes. With funky décor, and a great menu, Chain of Fools caters to you and your furry friend. Located right on Beach Road, it is the most convenient place to grab lunch or afternoon tea on your busy day of dog-walking.

If you’re not ready to make a stop just yet, you can keep walking along the bay trail and end up slightly east of Mentone, in Parkdale. Here is where friendly staff and yummy food are waiting for you at Parkers Café, on Parkers Road. They have a delicious breakfast menu, and freak-shakes, and would love to say hi to your dog best friend!

The entire journey from the start of your walk in Beaumaris, to the dog beach, through the dog friendly parks, and finally to Parkers in Parkdale, is just under 50-minutes at a leisurely pace. If you want to make a day out of it, stop in the surf, take your time spoiling your dog, enjoying the view, and this outing could last for two hours.

Surely the essence of a beautiful day is treating both you and your dog to the stunning scenery and atmosphere that Mentone has to offer.