Be A Brunch Setter, Not A Brunch Settler.

There’s only one thing that Melburnians dread more than being stuck in traffic…

And that is being stuck in a brut (a brunch-rut). Being frustrated at and demotivated by the idea of having brunch is the main symptom of a brut.  Tastebuds get bored of visiting the same slew of 5 cafés and the popular cafés test the strength of your patience. Of course, this is unappetising even for the toughest brunchers.

The antidote to this problem faced by the Melbourne community is Mentone. A suburb iconic for its sea breeze and serenity, it is about to add brunch cafés to this list.

Happy as Larry truly encapsulates the Mentone atmosphere eponymously. Super smoothies compliment the bayside air, making a convincing case that it is summer here all year round. Despite being the new kid on the block, their varied menu offers Melbourne brunch classics – such as the trusted smashed avocado with goat’s cheese and lime – in decent portions making it hard to resist the temptation.

Sweet! Espresso undoubtedly lives up to its name – their signatures are the Insta-famous Freakshakes and Oreo Pancakes to provide a wholesome sugar hit. With a short and sweet selection of meals, a fusion of cuisines helps to create a concise menu packed with intriguing flavours. No palette can be left unsatisfied – your tastebuds will be doing the tango.

Another great local hangout is The Corner Store. Situated in the heart of the Mentone hub, this café is an excellent vantage point to people watch over a hot chai. Browsing the menu is also a popular activity here. The Pork Crackling Benedict is a luxe take on a classic brunch food that will have your senses worshipping you. The collection of both savoury and sweet dishes ensures that there is an option for all cravings.

Mentone Traders' Association